According to Greece’s Immigration Law 4251/2014, in order to Obtain or Renew a residence permit, third-country nationals (foreigners) must have an Insurance Certificate or a Private Insurance Policy, providing them the following coverage:

• Medical Expenses from illness or accident, with a minimum limit of 1,500 euro, with the participation of the insured 20% (max). The expenses covered are for medical outpatient examinations, medical visits and medicines for an illness or accident.
• Permanent Total Disability Coverage from an accident with a limit of at least 15,000 euro with the participation of the insured 20% (max). The above amount is given in case of disability over 67% due to an accident.
• Hospital Care with a minimum limit of 10,000 euros, with the participation of the insured 20% (max). Covers the costs of hospitalization in a Public Hospital.

The Immigrants Health Private Insurance Programs are addressed to third-country citizens who wish to obtain or renew their residence permit in Greece. This insurance contract is required by law. People from 3 months old up to 75 years old can be insured. For older ages, approval from the Insurance Company is required. Also, it is addressed to foreigners who do not have insurance and wish to have hospital coverage. This Insurance program can be given to someone who is uninsured and wishes to gain coverage in public hospitals, even if he/she is not a foreigner.

In addition these Insurance Programs can cover:
• Foreigners who do not need a residence permit, but do not have any health insurance and wish to be covered for hospitalization in public hospitals in Greece.
• Uninsured Greek citizens looking for hospitalization coverage in public hospitals of the country.

To apply for foreigner’s insurance for a residence permit, you will need to provide: A photo of your passport Some necessary personal information (e.g. residential address, contact phone number, VAT number, social security number – if available) Personal information is needed to be recorded on the health insurance application. In general, foreigner insurance is a process that is completed quickly and without a lot of supporting documents.
The cost of insurance for foreigners is determined according to the age of the candidate for insurance. Younger ages and children are insured more economically. Accordingly, for people aged 65+ the cost of Insurance rises. In cases of people aged 75+, the interested parties may not be able to be insured with all companies.

Ιindicative Cost of Insurance Coverage Pursuant with Immigration Law 4251/2014

  • Child 2 Years Old € 67 / Year
  • Child 9 Years Old € 67 / Year
  • Teenager 16 Years Old € 67 / Year
  • Adult 21 Years Old € 68 / Year
  • Adult 31 Years Old € 68 / Year
  • Adult 45 Years Old € 68 / Year
  • Adult 45 Years Old € 68 / Year
  • Adult 53 Years Old € 85 / Year
  • Adult 60 Years Old € 85 / Year
  • Adult 62 Years Old € 88 / Year
  • Adult 67 Years Old € 135 / Year
  • Adult 75 Years Old € 135 / Year

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